Thursday, 23 December 2010

Star Trainer Promo - Now Showing on The Active Channel

Star Trainer Promo - Now Showing on The Active Channel

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NABBA Mr & Miss Universe 2010: Part 4

The wonderful world of NABBA Mr & Miss Universe 2010: Part 4

Core Blimey! Kettlebell Core Workout: Part 1

Core Blimey! Kettlebell Core Workout: Part 1

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Celebrity Trainer with Zoe Williams: Part 2

Celebrity Trainer with Zoe Williams: Part 2
Ricardo Macedo takes on Gladiator Zoe Williams in: Celebrity Trainer Part 2

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A day in the life of: The Gym - Part 1

A day in the life of: The Gym -Part 1

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Hayden Critchfield presents Film Stunts 2: Part 1

Hayden Critchfield presents Film Stunts 2: Part 1

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Powerclub Training Promo Showing 3rd January - Join The Powerclub!!!

Check out this hot new promo for powerclub training. Showing on the 3rd of January 2010! To get you motivated for the new year!

Celebrity Trainer Louise Cole Part 4 - The Grand Finale!

Its the very last episode finale, in Celebrity Trainer featuring Louise Cole! As she battles it out for one last workout.

Nights of the Gladiators Part 4 - Get Ready To Rumble!

Get Ready To Rumble!!!!

It's the final part of Nights Of The Gladiators! Check out some amazing mma action!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Celebrity Trainer-Nathalie Emmanuel Part 4 - The Final!

The last and final part of Celebrity Trainer with Nathalie Emmanuel! A few more gruelling push ups before she bids farewell to the Active Channel!

NPA Mike Williams Classic & Pro Am Part 2!

Part 2 of more action from the NPA! Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am body building contest.

Knuckle Up - New Breed Promo- Get Excited!!!

Check out this new promo from the active channel. If you love knuckle up - and close contact tussling! Then this is for you!

London Marathon Part 2 - It's The Great Run!

Its the second part covering the prestigious London Marathon - Watch for great coverage from the Active Channel.

Kick It With Komie Invasion - Episode 5 Part 2!

All the action of Krav Maga with Komie Invasion! Learn some special techniques that will help you get far! Episode 5 Part 2.

Cuban Cardio Resistance Bands Now showing PROMO - Get Stretching!

Get on the resistance band wagon! In a bid to get fitter sexier and more toned. In a cuban style a cardio programme is performed! Ready for you to join in!

NABBA Mr & Miss Universe 2010 Part 3

Who will be crowned Mr & Miss Universe at NABBA? Its the third exciting installment in this competition.

London Marathon - Run Run Run! Part 1.

Its the all famous London Marathon. How many have tried? How Many have succeeded? Watch for great coverage on the Active channel.

Dean & Eddie Going Hard With The Hamstrings! Workout (now showing promo)

Dean and Eddie show you how to work out those hamstrings, with a special emphasis on this body part you cant go wrong with this expert advice!

Celebrity Trainer- Zoe Williams A.K.A Gladiator Amazon-Part 1

Watch Zoe Williams also known as Amazon from the hit show gladiators! Get her workout on with our celebrity trainer Ricardo Macedo!

Dean & Neale-Abs & Nutrition Part 3 - Expert Help!

Watch these two muscular men take you through some amazing quick protein packed meals!

Dean & Neale-Abs & Nutrition Part 3 - Get the Edge Watch Now!

Dean and Neale both experts in the field of body building - Will show and tell you how to eat and train with a special emphasis on your abs!

NPA Mike Williams Classic & Pro-Am Part 1- Watch Now!

Check out Part 1 of the NPA Mike Williams Classic and Pro Am Body building show!

KAYO MMA Uncut 2- Promo! Raw Action It's UNCUT!!

Check out this mixed martial arts Promo - For a taster of Uncut action!

Hot Fiery Cuban Cardio With Kettlebells! Promo!

Bring the fire and excitement back into your workout with Cuban Cardio Kettlebells!

Pure Pilates Especially For Men! Part 1.

Pilates expert Francesca Giacomini looks at how and why pilates is good for men.

Sexy Model & GMTV Presenter In Part 3 Of Celebrity Trainer.

Watch Louise Cole in the third part of Celebrity Trainer as she continues to go from strength to strength!

NABBA Mr & Miss Universe 2010 Part 2 - Watch The Future Of Bodybuilding.

Its that time again who will get crowned Mr & Miss Universe. Bring on the prestige the fame the award and of course the recognition!

Star Trainer Now showing 13th Dec at 7pm - Kenzie is all grown up!

Remember Kenzie from the Blazing Squad well he is all grown up and back, bigger and better then ever literally! Watch how he teaches our other celebrity John James a thing or two!

Celebrity Trainer- Sexy Nathalie Emmanuel Works Out In Part 3

The Gorgeous Nathalie Emmanuel persists with her celebrity trainer Ricardo Macedo in this third edition of Celebrity Trainer!

The Gym showing 13th Dec at 6.30pm. What's The Hardest Gym Around?!!

Reckon you work out in the hardest gym going? Well lets put it to the test! The Gym is a new series which features hard core gyms in and around the UK!

Brain Cell Microsoft UK Challenge Part 2!

Its fitness and mental power in one tough channel who will come out on top?

Dean & Neale Abs & Nutrition Part 2! Get Rock Hard Abs!

Join Neal & Dean in building your abs and getting your nutrition sorted!

Not to be missed with top tips from the experts in their field!

NPA Mike Williams Classic & Pro-Am -Now Showing Promo.

NPA Mike Williams Classic & Pro-Am Now Showing on the Active Channel!

Amazing talented and dedicated bodybuilders showing off their top form!

Kettlebell Core Workout-Now Showing Promo- Strengthen That Core!

A great new show from our personal trainer of the year.

Using Kettlebells to strengthen core muscles giving you better form posture and fitness!

Snow Adventures Part 17! Get your Adventure Fix!

More exciting sports action in the snow. Can you keep up!

Snow Adventures 16!

More sports and adventure madness in Snow Adventures 16!

Brain Cell -Microsoft UK Challenge Pt 1 - Its Crazy Competitive!!

Brain Cell - Microsoft UK Challenge Part 1.

Straight from Mid Wales -Mind and body are facing the ultimate challenge. Have a look into part one of Brain Cell!

Celebrity Trainer Zoe Williams Promo! Gladiators Ready!!!

Watch Zoe Williams work out with Ricardo Macedo.

Just when you think Zoe Williams aka gladiator Amazon can not get any fitter! Your wrong! Ricardo shows Zoe there is always more we can do to up our fitness quota. Onwards and upwards!

Workout Cool Down! Now Showing Promo!

Workout Cool Down.

Want to increase your metabolic rate with the personal trainer of the year?

Go on then, get watching & get moving!

Celebrity Trainer- Sexy Nathalie Emmanuel Works It Out! Part 2!

The Hot & Sexy Nathalie Emmanuel works with Ricardo Macedo in celebrity trainer.

Celebrity Trainer-Danny Young Part 4! Work It Out!

Watch Celebrity Trainer Part 4!

Watch Danny Young take instruction from Ricardo Macedo!

Windsor Triathlon 2009 - Part 4 - The Challenge Is Huge!

Its part 4 of the Windsor Triathlon. Keep up to see who will make it through until the end!

Film Stunts 2! Want To Know The Coolest Inside Secrets?

Back by popular demand its film stunts 2! Have you always watched the latest action films and wondered... How do they do that? Well heres your chance to find out! There could be a stunt person in you after all!

Celebrity Trainer - Sexy GMTV Presenter Gets Fitter with Ricardo!

Join the gorgeous GMTV presenter and model Louise Cole for another gruelling workout with Ricardo Macedo. Whilst you pick up some celeb tips of your own!

Dean & Neale Abs & Nutrition -Get Ripped! Promo Showing Now!

Its Dean & Neale experts in their field sharing some of their finest secrets with you. Want to know how to eat, sleep and train right! Well watch the promo to find out more!

Celebrity Trainer - Aggro Santos Part 4! The End Is Near!

Aggro Santos trains with Ricardo Macedo in the 4th episode of Celebrity Trainer. He has come a long way! Will Aggros demanding schedule let him keep up the good work?

Celebrity Trainer - Part One WIth Sexy Hollyoaks Star Nathalie Emmanuel!

Join our very own celebrity trainer Ricardo Macedo, as he puts Hollyoaks celebrity Nathalie Emmanuel through her paces! Can she keep up?

Pure Pilates For Men Now Showing Promo! Its Not Just For Girls!

So Pilates is not just for men! Check out this promo for the active channel. Stretch and tone!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Ready Steady Fight!!! Nights Of the Gladiators pt 3.

Contenders Ready?

Its Night of the Gladiators Part 3!!

Its more exciting MMA action! Who will make it through to the end? - Exclusive to the active channel!

Aggro Santos In Celebrity Trainer Part 3!

Aggro Santos in Celebrity Trainer PArt 3.

So Aggro Santos has made his gruelling journey to part three of the celebrity trainer series, question is... Will he make it through till the end?

As Richard Macedo gets him ready for the jungle!!!