Friday, 27 May 2011

New product from LA Muscle: Norateen ANABOLIC EXTREME.....coming soon

WHEN: The product will be launched Mid June 2011 but customers can pre- order
PRICE? £64.99
Norateen Anabolic Extreme is a very powerful anabolic muscle builder which triggers the most fertile anabolic environment for bodybuilders wanting to get very big, strong and muscular without resorting to dangerous steroids. Norateen Anabolic Extreme is a 100% natural and is backed by LA Muscle's R&D and scientific team, guaranteeing you the most extreme gains without any side effects.

WHO IS IT FOR? Due to the way Norateen Anabolic Extreme has been formulated, this supplement is not recommended to athletes or anyone who is not doing heavy weight training


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Life Changing Transformations... Yasir Chaudry's story

Check out some amazing real life LA Muscle transformations. These are true stories of LA Muscle customers, which demonstrate that if you are dedicated and disciplined, you can achieve the results which you are striving towards. All you need is a good training program, a good quality balanced diet and quality nutritional supplements to set the pace and achieve your goals.

Read Yasir Chaudry's story now!

Friday, 20 May 2011

LA Muscle Facebook presents..... Neale Cranwell!

Calling all Neale Cranwell fans, you can now interact with Neale and see what he is upto on his Facebook fan page.

Get Big and Lean with 1 MONTH MASSIVE

RRP £322 - Get all for £99! (save £233)
If you want a GUARANTEED way of getting massive in just a month, then this is THE best offer in the UK and not just for any old supplements! This is for some of LA Muscle's top selling Pharmaceutical Grade supplements which are guaranteed to work.

* 100% Motivation
*Increased strength
*Increased muscle size within 1 week (or less)
*A leaner body with a six pack coming through

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

LA Muscle Presents Yet Another Fantastic Product......311 BCAAs


LA Muscle's 311 BCAAs contains 3 critical Amino Acids with a powerful formula for muscle recovery. A fantastic muscle building supplement that is ideal for post workout.

100% Pharmaceutical grade NOT food grade Anabolic Amino Acids for Muscle Mass
LA Muscle Branch Chain Amino Acids 311 BCAAs contain the 3 most important amino acids for muscle building and muscle recovery. 311 BCAAs contain Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in the exact ratios as shown in scientific studies to build muscle recovery.

How to take: You can take 4 capsules immediately after training. For better recovery and more muscle growth, you can also take 4 capsules just before sleep.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

FREE Activator 2: Six pack & Muscle supplement with ALL orders over £100! Hurry - Ends May 12th 2011.


Activator 2 is a strong fat-loss agent and definition activator. This amazing triple combination product starts immediate work on changing the sugar distribution in your body, your fuel mix and direct fat-burning.

Activator 2 has no undesirable side effects (which you may get with other fat-burners) and starts giving noticeable effects a few days after you start your course

Offer ends Thursday 12th May 2011- bag yourself a bargain and order here now!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Have it your WHEY! Great special offer on LA Whey 2.2KG

Check out the special offer for LA Whey 2.2kg: Buy 3 get 1 Free for only £59.99 Each!

LA Whey is a great protein as used by the world's top athletes. Just one serving of LA Whey protein gives you a massive 48g (LA Whey Sweet 40g) of pure CFM Ionic Exchanged Whey Protein. No Egg or cheap casein - just the best protein for muscle building, fat loss and quicker recovery.

How to take: Add 2 level scoops to a cup of water, juice, yoghurt or milk. Stir with a fork. Leave for 1 minute, then drink. You can vary the amount of liquid to suit your taste.

Each tub will last: 1-2 months (more or less depending on how much you use - remember, due to LA Whey's superior formula you do not need to use as much as other brands).

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