Thursday, 17 April 2008

Rob "Hollywood" Riches wins "Best Body" at Americas Fittest Model Competition

It gets better and better for Rob! He has once again demonstrated his iron will to win major competitions. Rob's body, looks and overall package gave him a clear win at the "Americas Fittest Model" competition and he walked away with the "best body" title!

Well done Mr Riches!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Zak Pallikaros Photos 1 month out from NABBA London & IFBB Mr Cyprus

Check out these latest photos of Dr Zak Pallikaros, 4 weeks out from the NABBA Mr London 2008 and IFBB Mr Cyprus 2008.

Zak is 101 kilos here. Last year he competed at 84 kgs. Zak has won the Mr Cyprus and Mr London titles and is a NABBA Mr Universe contestant.

Caroline Pearce as Ice - First Video

Caroline Pearce's first appearance as Gladiator Ice.

Click here:

Caroline Pearce is the new Gladiator Ice and she sure looks Icey already! She was chosen out of 20,000 hopefuls. More information and photos on Caroline Pearce can be found on

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Nick Aldis as Gladiator Oblivion

Model, wrestler, actor and tough guy Nick Aldis is going to be one of the new Gladiators names Oblivion. Nick made the cut out of 20,000 applicants!

Nick has been training to be a wrestler since the age of 14 and has also competed in national swimming championships.

Nick Aldis is sure to live up to the Gladiator name Oblivion.

Check out Nick's profile on here:

Check out Nick Aldis in LA Muscle's "Athletes DVD" below. Funnily enough Nick got to know his other Gladiator Team-Mate Caroline Pearce (ICE) during the filming of this DVD a year before the Gladiators:

Caroline Pearce as Gladiator Ice

The Gladiators are back on your screens in the UK. Out of 20,000 hopefuls applying, only 12 were chosen to be the new Gladiators.

One of them is beautiful athlete and model Caroline Pearce. The other is Mr Adonis Nick Aldis.

Nick and Caroline have known each other since making the LA Muscle "Athletes DVD" a year back. They had great rapport on screen then and are certain to be two super-cool Gladiators on British TV.

Check out stunning Caroline Pearce in the LA Muscle DVD here:

For some photos of Caroline Pearce have a look here:

For an exclusive interview with Caroline Pearce click here:

For Caroline Pearce's profile on click here:

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Get set for success- a motivating article by Dr Bod

We all know about the benefits of regular exercise and good nutrition, and many of you have probably made a New Year's resolution to either lose weight or build muscle (or both!). I decided to start this series by focussing on what is probably the most difficult hurdle for many of us - staying motivated!
"I have no time" or "I'm too busy" - Sounds familiar?
"I have no energy left" - Does this feel like you?
Not seeing fast results letting you down?
How many times have you started a fitness or health program, only to give up too soon before reaping the rewards?
Do you commonly come across obstacles, such as getting sick, or having too much work to do?
We've all been there, really making an effort to make a change, yet not keeping the promises we made to ourselves. This is not only found in health and fitness challenges, but also in a wide variety of other areas in our lives. What would it feel like to know that you do indeed have the power to get motivated right now, and most importantly, STAY motivated, thereby achieving all your goals, ambitions and dreams? Just imagine what you could achieve!
I'll let you in on the secret weapon that led to my success, despite all the obstacles. Just like you, I've trekked through peaks and valleys in my life, such as career decisions, relationship and marital issues, maintaining work/life balance, difficulties with family and friends, financial hardship, and of course, keeping motivated and on-track in my new fitness and nutrition plan. There was a time where all my problems had piled together and collapsed on me in one go! One fortunate day, a very good friend pointed me in the right direction. I started to read many articles and books, and attended several seminars. I learned that the quality of our life is not determined by the events that take place, but rather by our perceptions and responses to these events. We may not be able to change certain unfortunate incidents, whether in the past, present, or the future, but we do have the ability to change our perceptions and reactions in a way that serves us and those we care about well. What's more, there is always something positive to learn from seemingly tragic experiences.
One of my goals is to have a more muscular, lean, and healthy body, but to date, there was always something keeping me from achieving my dream. I was getting fed up of trying to start a new exercise and diet programme, never making it past the first few weeks. With my newly found secret weapon, I took on a whole new approach to everything in my life, and made the commitment that absolutely nothing would stop me from achieving my aspirations! You may be wondering what my secret weapon is, and I'll gladly tell you - Life Coaching.
Thanks to the regular consultations with my personal Life Coach, I've been able to keep on track, and stick to my new exercise, nutritional, and lifestyle program. I've been through a knee injury, asthma, a viral illness, career changes, marital problems, and even moving home - but nothing has stopped me! I've not only taken steps towards achieving my goals, but I've also been passionately learning how to pass on my experiences and help others by also becoming a professional Life Coach.
Life coaching is dramatically increasing in popularity amongst many celebrities, businessmen and women, politicians, and professional athletes. Coaching blends the best concepts from psychology, philosophy, business and sports, with the Coach acting as an advocate, a sounding board, a truth teller, an accountability partner, a motivator and a supporter. By clarifying your true goals, beliefs and values, a Life Coach can help co-create strategies and offer practical guidance that will help you to reach those dreams and achieve well-deserved success!
I'm now going to offer you valuable tips and tricks so that you can do some "DIY coaching" from the comfort of your own home. Not only can you use these simple and effective techniques for getting and maintaining the motivation you need to stick to your new health and fitness program, but you can also use them to deal with many other aspects of your life. Answer the questions as fully and as honestly as you can. There are no right or wrong answers, but they will help to provide clarity. All that will be left to do from here is to take action. Remember, this is not a race - so take your time, dig deep in your thoughts, and be committed to putting them into practise for the best results.
Here goes…Get Set for Success:
1. If there was nothing to stop you, and I mean nothing, what would you like to achieve? Ignore time, money, job, family and any other obstacles - just DREAM! What do YOU really want? Make sure it's something you want, and not what you think others are expecting from you, or perhaps others would like. Imagine you're Aladdin, and you have three wishes (you are allowed as many wishes as you like, but prioritise them and deal with them in turn): a. b. c.
2. Let's get to the root of "motivation" - we find "motive", so in order to stay motivated, we need to clarify and focus on our motives or reasons for change. For each wish, state three reasons why you want them? The best and most empowering reasons that will keep you on track and motivated will be the reasons you want each wish for yourself, not for anyone or anything else:

a) Wish one:
b) Wish two:
c) Wish three:
3. This time describe how your life will feel, what it will look like, or even what it will sound like when each of your three wishes are granted? Be as colourful and imaginative as you like:a. Wish one
b. Wish two c. Wish three
4. What's standing in your way and stopping you from achieving those wishes right now? When training or on a diet, be prepared for the plateaus. Stick with it, and it WILL pay off! Describe two or three (if any) obstacles for each wish: a. Wish one
b. Wish two c. Wish three
5. For each obstacle, write down what needs to be done to overcome them? Where are you going to seek help from to get you through these barriers?
6. List five qualities, traits, or characteristics you value, and explain why they're important to you?

7. Give three examples of situations you've seen or experienced for each of these qualities, explaining how and why they've served you well?




8. Do you possess all these qualities? If not, state which you wish you could develop and have? Plan a strategy to achieving these qualities over the next three months.
9. Go back to your wishes and make sure they're in line with your core values and qualities. It's no use wishing for a six-pack if you like to go out and have a six-pack of beer with your mates!
10. Now list the goals you have achieved in the past five years.
11. What were the factors that helped you achieve the goals you have reached?
12. What goals have you not yet achieved?
13. What were the factors or obstacles stopping you from achieving these goals?
Sometimes the obstacles can be our disempowering belief systems. I want you to really take the time to dissect and examine your beliefs, and determine where the truth really stands. Look at the results of your beliefs and see if they are the results you desire. Are your beliefs bringing you more freedom, motivation and power, or are they resulting in a sense of guilt, weakness and conflict? As my personal coach says, "Truth is not insecure, it doesn't mind being examined! When people are too scared to examine what they believe, it is a sure sign that they are a slave to their beliefs."
14. List your belief systems, describing how they have served you? Take your time to really dig deep on this, finding the underlying reasons why you may have not achieved your goals so far.
15. Now change your perspective on those disempowering beliefs. For example:
Negative belief or perspective:"It's too hard. It never works out right. I never have time to eat right or exercise. How can I lose weight when I'm under stress? It's my genetics / metabolism!"
New liberating perspective / belief:
"I am in control of the health and of my body by pursuing a healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercise, healthy food and plenty of rest and fun."
16. Almost done - by now you will have learnt a great deal about yourself, and you'll have clarified your goals and wishes that agree with your core values. Now all you need to do is align your thoughts and actions together with your goal. In plane English, to lose 10lbs of fat by the end of January, you must act in accordance with that goal by eating right and taking up regular exercise. Right? Sounds easy? Ok, I want you to make a list of actions you must do in order to achieve each one of your goals / wishes. For example, if you want to lose weight, you could plan to consult a doctor or fitness consultant who would prescribe an exercise and diet plan. You could then arrange regular monthly appointments for a check up, a weigh-in, measurement of body-fat percentage, and added motivation and guidance for the month ahead.
17. Goals need to be SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. So, for each wish / goal, state what you want in line with SMART.For example,
I want to lose two inches off my waist (specific).
I will know when I have achieved this by measuring the inches lost (measurable).
Can I lose two inches within a month? Can I afford to sacrifice my cravings for sweets? If your answer is "yes", then your goal is achievable.
Goals need to be realistic, but that does not mean to say that you cannot aim high. Sure, you can compete and win a marathon, but set smaller targets or "baby steps" that you can easily achieve, and build your way up step-by-step.
I will lose two inches by the end of January 2008 (time-bound).
18. Keep a journal or diary, writing down your goals, strategies, beliefs, perceptions, values, action plans, wins, experiences and thoughts. When you're having a tough time, or lacking motivation, look back at your journal and review your successes.
19. I want you to also review your goals and motives / reasons, re-installing your motivation EVERYDAY. Just by thinking positively, you are influencing your actions and maintaining your desire to succeed. When you wake up, stand in front of the mirror and say something positive to yourself, "I feel healthy - I look strong - I am motivated. I am achieving my goals right now!"
20. Stick up some inspiring photos and posters and look at them regularly. Perhaps you can include some before & after shots of others who've achieved similar goals. Remember to take photos and measure yourself at intervals, for example every month.
21. Timing - exercising at the same time each day will ward off excuses like you're too busy. Plan ahead for days you have important meetings or deadlines, and re-arrange your exercise to suit you. The best time of day to exercise is the time that's convenient for you.
22. Regular exercise does not have to be an hour on the treadmill or hitting the weights every day. Variety is the spice of life after all, so introduce exercise that suits your character and lifestyle. If you're competitive, join a team, go racing, play tennis or football. If you prefer, go dancing, hiking, climbing or horse riding (fantastic for the abs!). If you prefer to be alone, try yoga, cycling, or walking / jogging in the park. Just make sure you start slowly and build up the intensity gradually.
23. Team up with friends, family, or colleagues and motivate each other. It's well worth investing in your health by hiring the help of a personal trainer & nutritionist, who can offer more support and advice.
24. Do listen to your body - taking a brief time off training or reducing its intensity can work wonders and bring you back bouncing with energy and drive! If you miss a work-out, don't beat yourself up - simply learn from this and quickly get back into your routine.
25. Pre-plan a reward or prize for yourself that will be sure to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goal. This can be a holiday, a DVD, new clothes, or even a new car - it's your choice! Also include some short-term goals. Something that helps me is to take a day off every week, doing whatever I like and eating whatever I want. With this in mind, I have found it tremendously easier to stick to my diet and exercise routine the remaining six days of the week.
26. Above all, keep your new healthy lifestyle fun! Listen to music, set personal bests and beat them, enter competitions, join support groups, make bets with friends as to who will lose the most weight in a set time… be creative and do whatever it takes to enjoy yourself!
Well done! You will achieve your goals, and now have the power to stay focussed and motivated. There will be some tough times, its not going to be easy, but it will be worth every effort.
"Dr Bod"

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Training for athletes by James Lynch

James Lynch, professional squash player gives you an insight into his training and diet.

"Don't you just fancy a chip butty? ", Well, "Yeah I do, but I can't " is my usual reply to the question that my mates often ask me at 12.30 every day just as its around lunch time. What they don't realise is that I've been awake since 6am and between 6am and 7am, I have been on the treadmill doing my early morning cardio followed by half an hour of various different types of sit-ups and crunches.Ya see, from my point of view, the taste of a fish or chip butty or a bag of crisps doesn't out weigh the need to feel and look good in whatever I decide to wear but the most important factor is in no way, shape or form, will it help me achieve my physical or performance goals.
I have been playing squash for many years now and it was only 16months ago that I decided to take my squash to the next level and start playing semi-professionally. I have played for Yorkshire, Queens Sports Club and Cheetham Hill. I am also currently playing BSPA (British Squash Professional Association) tournaments as well.I believe that for any athlete, if you decide to play or take part in any sport at a level at which requires a lot more dedication than your average competitor then you have to be willing to make certain sacrifices. This doesn't mean that you have to change your life completely but if you want to make it to the very top of your sport then you have to avoid anything that is going to stop you achieving this no matter what it may be. This will separate your very good athletes from the exceptional.Personally, I am not the kind of player that wants to have all his "eggs in one basket "as they say, which is why from September, I am also going to be studying "Sports Performance and Excellence"at college. I have decided to do this as I feel it will open many doors for me in the health and fitness industry, as I will be studying all factors of elite performance within sport and also psychological elements that lead to elite performance. After the course is complete I will then have the opportunity to continue this at University and study either Sport Psychology or Sports Nutrition.
Here is what a typical day looks like for me in terms of diet and training !!!
6.00am - Alarm Goes Off
6.10am - Exercise Bike (Half Hour Cardio)
6.40am - 30 Minutes Various Sit-Ups/Crunches
7.15am - Shower/Wash etc
8.00am - Take Various Supplements (LA Sculpt, Protein And Multi-Vitamin)
8.15am - Porridge Oats With Skimmed Milk6 Scrambled Egg Whites + 1 Yolk2 x Wholemeal Multigrain Toast
11.00am - Protein Shake + 1 Banana
12.30pm - Chicken Breast, Vegetables and a Jacket Potato With Low Fat Cottage Cheese + LA Sculpt
5.00pm - Protein Shake + 1 Banana
6.00pm - 1.5 Hours Court Work i.e. Solo Movement Practice, Shot Practice or Match Practice
7.00pm - 2 Body Parts Per Day In The Gym i.e. Chest/Triceps - Back/Biceps etc
8.30pm - Whole Grain Rice, Chicken Breast and Vegetables + LA Sculpt
11.00am - Low fat Cottage Cheese On 2 Slices Multigrain Toast
Above is what a typical training day would look like but there are always times when there is a social event taking place or times when I cant stick to this eating and training plan religiously so I have to make variations to enable me to still enjoy my time on this earth, haha, and still get the best out of my body and stay in the best shape possible.
When I first started taking my training and nutrition as serious as I do today, one of the main questions that concernd me was, would I still be able to have a social life with my mates, as in, go down to the local pub and have a few beers whilst still being able to perform to the best that I possibly can, and I have now realised that yes you can, as long as you do everything in moderation. A couple of pints on a Friday or Saturday night is acceptable whereas 5 pints on a Friday and 5 Pints on a Saturday isn't, so you can still live a normal life, you may just have to make a few slight changes here and there.
As a conclusion to this article I would like to thank LA Muscle for all the help that they have given me over the past 6 months, they are a fantastic company to be associated with and I believe that their supplements are the best in the business in terms of results and the quality of the products. They have also been a fantastic help to me if I have needed any advice with my training or advice with various supplements, I must take this time now to apologise to Agata (My Sponsorship Contact) as I'm sure I have filled your inbox up more than once wanting advice on various things, I do appreciate you replying very fast to all my requests !!!I would also like to thank another company who have played a major part in allowing me to play and train at the level that I do and that is Planet Personnel who are Global Footwear Apparel & Textile Recruitment Specialists, this is a company based in Halifax, Yorkshire. Planet Personnel is a consultancy dedicated to the recruitment of high calibre candidates for the global apparel, footwear & textile industries, if you require anymore information please visit For Everything Guys And Until Next Time, Stay Dedicated And Keep Training Hard !!!!