Monday, 14 July 2008

Scientific "Anti-Stress" pill launched

LA Muscle's R&D Team finally gave the go ahead for Anger Management.

Anger Management is a new cutting-edge supplement aimed at instantly reducing stress levels. It can also help with anxiety, aggression and anger. This supplement has been extensively and scientifically researched and developed and produces very unexpected results.

Anger Management will reduce stress levels, leading to a reduction in the very hormones that break muscle down and store fat - so it actually helps your physique goals.

Anger Management will also reduce anxiety, aggressiona and anger, making you a calmer person. You have to try it to believe it.

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Look like a "Celebrity" with LA Style

LA Muscle's new LA Style will really revolutionise your look. It is a breakthrough formula that can get you looking as hot as you feel. Glowing skin, beautiful nails and amazing hair is just a few pills away.

DON'T think this look is for feminine or weird guys. Great looking hair, skin and nails is something EVERY guy should have and is not reserved just for the super-rich or "fancy" guys.

Get yourself a tub of the new LA Style Skin Hair and Nails and finish off your new physique to really look like a superstar. This product is scientifically formulated and guaranteed to produce superior results.

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LA Muscle at the Mr Titan 2008

LA Muscle's body builders were present at the recent Mr Titan 2008 show. LA Muscle don't usually get on the road much so this was a good opportunity for many fans to meet some of the LA Muscle body builders and athletes; a huge success.


LA Muscle's new Norateen "Hollywood" Body launched

Oh yes! An all new Norateen has just been launched. This long-awaited new natural Norateen is called Norateen "Hollywood" Body and is an amazing muscle & strength builder.

Norateen Hollywood Body was formulated in collaboration with Rob Riches, Best Body winnder at America's Fittest Model and World Musclemania body building champion - so he knows a thing or two about building the ideal physique.

Norateen "Hollywood" Body has been designed to do so much in a short space of time:

  • Build strength and power

  • Increase Testosterone

  • Increase muscle size

  • Increase male "confidence" levels through changing brain chemistry

  • Increase sexual performance

This amazing new supplement is 100% natural and totally safe and side effect-free. Be the first to try it.