Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Part 2 of the Pole dancing and Fitness DVD with Lucy Misch and Ben Challenger

In this second episode, Lucy Misch pole dancing instructor and Olympic athlete Ben Challenger are casting for their new series of Pole Dancing and Fitness DVDs at Image 1st Studios in Farringdon, London.

Feast your eyes on these second set of contestants, judge if they are any better than the last set. Can you spot the winner? Watch out for the next episode for more fantastic pole swinging action!


Part 2 of the Kerstin schulze-Norman exclusive on LA Muscle TV

Part two of this exclusive show with superfit mum Kerstin Schulze Norman.

Ultra fit Kerstin Schulze-Norman on the Hollywood Extra

We're not stranger to big names and top physiques at LA Muscle TV, and lately, Hollywood Extra has been catching up with some of the biggest names in fitness. Our latest feature is on Kerstin Schulze-Norman, an ex athlete, turned competitor and fitness model, and now turning her talents towards stunt work and the movies.

We met up with Kerstin at her private training studio in Manhattan Beach, California to see how she prepares for her up coming photo shoots, and it's not quite as you'd have imagined. Kerstin displays some true meaning of fitness, as she shows why balance is the key, working out with the latest range of fitness offerings from the likes of TRX Suspension cables, and PowerPlate, including how jumping on a trampoline for 5 minutes after cardio can be beneficial for women.

Plus, not only does Kerstin hold the record for being the tallest figure competitor in the US, but she's also a mother of 3! Find out her she manages to balance such discipline with a family life, and learn some of the tricks that helps her keep lean and mean throughout the year!

Hot photos of Shakyra La' shae- Fashion model and designer Shakyra La' Shae photos with link to her video

Want to see more of Sexy Shakyra?

Click this:

Photos: Simon Barnes
Additional changes: LA Muscle Studios
Featuring: Shakyra La' Shae & super-hunk Simon Howard

Friday, 24 April 2009

Celebrity Fitness Day with Tamer Hassan and Nick Aldis (UK Gladiator Oblivion)

LA TV celebrated Celebrity Fitness Day this year with Gladiator Oblivion aka Nick Aldis and none other than Hollywood and British actor Tamer Hassan, famous for starring alongside Danny Dyer in British crime/gangster films such as Football Factory & The Business.

Recently Tamer has started taking his training more seriously while Nick has been contemplating appearing on the big screen. So it's excellent to watch as Nick and Tamer exchange their knowledge and wisdoms with each other.

First we follow the pair as they have a training session at Gold's Gym, Park Royal, (UK) with top personal trainer Dean Ash. Nick & Tamer do a full upper body workout and pump some serious iron!

Then they head to the UK's leading fitness equipment experts -Powerhouse Fitness, located in the basement of the prestigious London department store, Selfridges, Oxford Street (UK). Nick advises and helps Tamer to choose supplements by explaining the benefits he gets from using LA Muscle.

Then as they are swept away in their A1 stretch limo and the day draws to an end both guys talk about the highlights of their careers and future plans and projects that they are working on. Tamer tells LA TV how excited he is about his upcoming film, City Rats out 24th April 2009. Nick speaks about his transition from wrestling to Gladiators and speaks to Tamer about launching his acting career.

This is one exclusive that you really shouldn't miss!


Thursday, 23 April 2009

Parkour 3RUN Challenge- Part 2, results after month 1, LA Muscle TV

This 2nd installment of the '3RUN LA Muscle Challenge' is the first time we see the parkour boys since they were given a fantastic range of LA Muscle supplements. Follow their training and nutrition programs designed by fitness expert Ben Lauder Dykes and see how they've progressed immensely in such a short space of time.

Hear their own accounts of the changes their bodies have gone through, how they've become better athletes and obtained better looking physiques in just ONE month!

The 3RUN team tell LA Muscle TV what they've been up to over the past 4 weeks including shows abroad, breaking Guinness World Records on SKY 1 and much much more.

Watch lots of insane free running stunts to get your adrenaline pumping but be warn you that these guys are professionals so DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!


For part one of the 3RUN LA Muscle Challenge please go to - www.lamuscle.tv/player/parkour/1

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

David White's Ultimate Fitness- learning the basics of skateboarding

In the 3rd episode of David White's Ultimate Fitness skateboarding special, sponsored skateboarders Bryce Campbell and Helena Long combine their knowledge to give David a lesson on the basics of skateboarding.

The talented twosome show David how to ollie, drop in & manual…Apparently some of the easiest tricks to do on a skateboard! Then David hops on a skateboard to have a go. Part 3 is guaranteed to entertain!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Mission Possible 3 with Jennifer Nicole Lee- LA Muscle TV

In this final segment of the Exclusive Jennifer Nicole Lee Miami photo shoot, JNL really takes control as she continues her glamorous ' Bond-inspired' shoot in the cockpit of a private jet with top glamour
photographer, Mike Brochu.

Both Jennifer and Mike give advice to aspiring models including tips for pushing the envelope and working outside the box.Jennifer really is one of the industries top models, and this shoot proves that she always aims for the sky.

Plus, see some of the exclusive pictures from the shoot - before anyone else gets a peak.



Friday, 17 April 2009

Lazaro Almenares- natural bodybuilder, martial artist, fitness trainer on LA Muscle.TV

Cuban born natural body building champion, personal trainer, martial artist Lazaro Almenares lets LA Muscle TV into his life!

Lazaro shows us around the prestigious Gold's Gym, Park Royal, London (UK). Then he takes a trip to one of London's best known landmarks, The London Eye.

Lazaro talks about everything from how sport has changed his life to how he has fun in London. He also tells us how excited he is about 2012 Olympics taking part in the capital and gives advice that can be used by the Olympic hopefuls. Laz actually gets so excited he even shows us a few of his best dance moves…

Check out this show as Laz brings London to life with his authentic Cuban spirit!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Louise Rogers- UKBFF 2008 Body Building Champion

Britain's Best-Built Woman!In her first year of competing Louise Rogers won 1st place at the UKBFF 2008 Body Building Championships. LA Muscle TV follows her as she works out at Golds Gym in London, UK and joins her as she takes in the amazing views of the capital from the London Eye.


Louise gives an insight into the life of a female body fitness competitor. She talks about her inspirations, her career, family and friends and tells LA Muscle TV what really makes her tick.A very inspiring show featuring the gorgeous Louise and some amazing views of London.

Mission Possible 2: Jennifer Nicole Lee photoshoot- LA Muscle TV

Fitness guru, Jennifer Nicole Lee is back again in part 2 of this multi-million dollar, Miami photo shoot, this time being photographed in her bikini in a 2 million dollar private helicopter by noted fashion and glamour photographer, Mike Brochu, before moving outside to take some shots on BMW's answer to the world of sports bike, wearing quite possibly the sexiest outfit you've ever seen her in.

Hollywood Extra has taken you to some new heights recently, but none quite as high as on this exclusive shoot, as we take to the sky via helicopter to capture JNL's shoot from a birds eye view, before switching it up again as you'll swear you'll be seeing double as Jennifer finally meets her toughest competition yet - herself!

Discover what gave JNL the idea for one of the most expensive fitness shoots ever, and why at home, she's still every little bit a wife and mother as much as being one of the top fitness models.

Mike King's NABBA South England 2008- LA Muscle TV

After 9 years' away the NABBA South England Body Building Competition is back!
Mike King's NABBA South 2009 can be seen here exclusively on LA Muscle TV.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Angie Weston's funky fitness with amazing Irina Cotton

In this episode of Funky Fitness, Angie Weston takes you to Golds gym London to meet 2 times UKBFF figure champion Irina Cotton.

This is an exclusive look into the world of a woman whose body and conditioning is renowned throughout the fitness industry. Not only does Irina show us her weight training in the gym, but also her incredible gymnastic ability.

Check out this amazing lady in the hot tub with Angie at the end. What a show!



Pole Dancing Pros at Pineapple Studios with Darren James- LAMuscle.tv

LA Muscle TV's very own dance expert Darren James experiences an exciting Saturday morning at a fun pole dance lesson with Lucy Misch at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden, London.

Join him as he follows an amazing performance by Alesia Vazmitsel, UK Pole Dance Champion 2008, an insight into a true pole dance champion and a full on chat with the fantastic Lucy Misch.
Alesia also talks about her training, diet and how much she's looking forward to competing for the Pole Dance World Championship title in Jamaica, 2009.

Darren enjoys the experience so much, that he continues pole dancing on the streets of Covent Garden straight after! Has he no shame!!? Not with his slick moves, no...





Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sweeteners can make you fat- How using sweeteners can keep you looking plump

One of our writers came to me the other week and asked for just one new fat loss tip that had not been discussed before. I told him “sweeteners can keep you fat”. He included this little known fact in an article. The emails have not stopped! So many of you are emailing in saying how on earth can sweeteners contribute to obesity!Sounds totally illogical, right? Wrong! Read below exactly why consuming sweeteners can actually mean that you don’t end up shifting the fat.

Sweetness is a habit

Wanting sweet things is a habit. You have all heard the “sweet tooth” saying. Certain people have got themselves “used” to having sweets. Yes, it is true that you do need a little sugar to get the brain functioning properly but you sure don’t need as much as most of you are consuming these days! The prevalence and growth of Diabetes is a clear signal to society – one that is not heard by most!

Habit: Dictionary Definition:“An acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.”

There are many examples of habits:

  • drinking tea or coffee in the morning
  • having cocoa before sleep
  • always driving head on into your drive and not reversing in
  • watching a certain TV program or soap
  • making love a certain way

Habits make us comfortable and give us some sort of order. This does not mean that they are right (or wrong) or that they are good for us (or bad).

Certain habits are not good for us

Sugar is a habit that just like salt, is most certainly not good for us. Excess sugar causes many problems including diabetes, fungus growth and of course obesity. You do not “need” to put sugar in your tea or coffee. You just “choose” to. You have had the habit long enough and you find so many ways of justifying it to yourself that you find it hard to stop or change.

Sweeteners: Why you are fooling yourself?

Sweeteners fool your taste buds into thinking you are having something sweet. They are for the most part zero calories and as they claim, they cannot make you fat. Or can they? Sweeteners indeed CAN make you fat. This is not a direct calorie-loading kind of fat but a more indirect effect on your habits.

You see, if you have a sweet tooth and a “habit” of having sweet things, switching to sweeteners breaks one habit but not the other. Sweeteners will stop the habit of you consuming “sugar” in your drinks and food but they do not break the habit of your “sweet tooth”….and what the mind seeks, it shall find.

Sweeteners mean a continuation of your sweet cravings

Whilst you may have switched to sweeteners, you will no doubt still seek sweet foods and drinks. You may do this very subtly and without awareness but you most certainly WILL be doing this.
Sweeteners fool your taste buds and they fool you into thinking you are over the sugar habit….but you are not! If you “need” to put sweeteners in your drinks and you “need” to buy sweetened products, then you still have a sweet tooth which will NEED attention.

Your subconscious search for sugar

Whilst you keep your sweet tooth going with the switch to sweeteners, you will be seeking and eating sugary foods. This goes for 99% of you. You may not even be aware of it! You may think you are having a healthy sugar-free life but if you look very closely you will see sugar in many of the foods you consume such as baked beans, sushi, orange juice and most other juices…

Breaking the habit is the only way

In contrast to you, the person who truly breaks the sugar habit and does not replace it with sweeteners is the true winner and the one who really sees a change in body shape. You see when you no longer have a sweet tooth or crave sugar, you really don’t care for it. This is the true way to “look” like those wonderful physiques you see in the media and in magazines.
If you want to look totally fat free and lean, then you need to change your “mind”. You need to reduce and eventually cut out sweet things including the deceiving sweeteners. You need to tell your mind that you do not “need” anything sweet.

When you break the “habit” of craving a sweet taste in your mouth (whether it is real sugar or deceiving taste buds with sweeteners), then you will truly be on your way to that body of your desires. Your mind will “forget” about sweet things and you will not shop for, crave or want sweet things, whether they are a blatant sweet food or one with hidden sugars.

Avoiding sweeteners is not easy

Sweeteners are not just the things you put into your tea and coffee. Sweeteners are found in so many foods these days. Almost all “diet” foods contain sweeteners: Yoghurts, diet drinks, low fat deserts and so on. They all keep “fuelling” your sweet tooth.


You will not get as lean and fat free as you can be as long as you keep your sweet tooth alive with the consumption of sweeteners. Life may seem “dull” to you if you were to drop sweeteners and sugar. That is a decision which you must make. Many people don’t consume sugar or sweeteners and they have wonderful lives with the body of their desires.

Will it kill you to reverse into your drive instead of driving head on? Will it kill you not to watch your favourite soap? No. You may say they will affect you negatively in “some” way but that’s just your mind justifying your habit.

If you want something bad enough, you will need to change certain habits. If you want the leanest possible body, then you will need to change and say bye bye to your sweet tooth once and for all.

The decision is yours!

JNL: Mission Possible Shoot- Sexy part 2, broadcasting 12th April '09 on LA Muscle TV

Jennifer Nicole Lee as you have never seen her before. The Mission Possible Shoot has got to be one of the hottest, sexiest fitness shoots ever!

Part 1 can be seen on LA Muscle TV right now by clicking here.

Below, is a preview of what's coming up in part two of top fashion & fitness photographer Mike Brochu's shoot with JNL.

Release date: 12the April 2009 on LA Muscle TV

Luxury lifestyles: Penfriend, a little gem of a shop located in Burlington Arcade

Amaya Cerdeiria welcomes LA Muscle TV into this unique gem of a shop situated in the heart of Central London.

Located in the prestigious surroundings of the Burlington Arcade, Penfriend was founded in 1950 by Ivan Mason, a former Parker mechanic.

From vintage to modern pens, Penfriend stocks a wide range of luxury brands including Parker, Waterman, Mont Blanc, Montegrappa, Visconti & Graf Von Faber Castell, to name just a few. As well as repairs and restoration, Penfriend offers an intimate and reliable service individual to each of their clients that would not be found anywhere else.

Find out who buys these exclusive pens and why people still find pens fascinating and a great investment. This show features one of the most expensive pens in London, an antique Parker. Truely fascinating and a real insight into a luxurious world few know about. An exclusive LA Muscle TV Production.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mission possible with Jennifer Nicole Lee- LA Muscle TV

Hollywood Extra first met with Celebrity Fitness Model, Jennifer Nicole Lee, in Los Angeles at the end of last year, as she took us behind the scenes of her Ironman photo shoot, and showed us around the likes ofthe world-famous Gold's gym, and Rodeo Drive.
Well this time, we met with Jennifer in Miami on the set of her latest multi-million dollar photo shoot, including private jets, helicopters, fast cars and sport bikes, plus over $60,000 worth of clothing andaccessories, and that’s not mentioning the huge million dollar diamond loaned to her by Tiffany.

In the first of this 3-part, behind-the-scenes exclusive photo shoot, Jennifer recreates shots from the classic 'James Bond' era of spy's and espionage. Photographed by noted fashion and glamour photographer, Mike Brochu, Jennifer leaves nothing out of the mix. Even though security was on hand to protect what's in the briefcase, Jennifer was protected, with her own bodyguard, Pitbull dog, plus, she even had a gun on hand!

This really is getting up close and personal with one of the biggest names in fitness, as she shows how to do things in style!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Santa Pod: The Fast Show 2009, Part 2- LA Muscle.TV

This is the second part to the Santa Pod Fast Show that all you petrol head, boy racing adrenalin junkies have all been waiting for. After seeing all the amazing cars and stunts in the first episode, this show brings you even more incredible action.

The thrill ride passenger dragster, more Fireforce jet cars, the space hopper bouncing competition and loads and loads of sexy girls on the NUTS stage. Check out the show cars, which looked like they had just rolled off the set of Pimp My Ride.

Just to warn you, this is not a show for the faint hearted as one scene towards the end does contain a tiny bit of semi-nudity!


Yoga Hour with Kyrin and guests- The Vitality Show- Earl's Court, London- LA Muscle TV

Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Kyrin Hall, explores the Vitality Show - Europe’s largest health, beauty and wellbeing show celebrating its 10th birthday this year at the world renowned Earls Court in London, UK.

To celebrate the fact that The Vitality Show has been looking after ladies for the past 10 years, the organisers unveil the Good, Bad and the Ugly – an exhibition exploring a decade of health and beauty innovations and revelations for visitors to look at, touch and have a giggle about.
Besides, you will find all sorts of organic food, fitness programmes, advice from nutrition experts and much more in this exciting show with our stunning Yoga presenter, Kyrin Hall!

Look out for exclusive interviews with top fitness guru Matt Roberts along with author of The Low GL Diet Bible Patrick Holford and a very special surprise appearance from one of LA TV's 'queens of the screen' showing you how to tackle the Nintendo Wii. Not telling, you'll have to watch...


Elise, sexy pole dancing at the Santa Pod Car Sow- LAMuscle.tv

Watch this show as gorgeous bombshell Elise does a hot and sexy pole dance for the audience at the Santa Pod Raceway (UK) the home of European Drag Racing. With all the high octane action taking place on the drag strip, Elise certainly got pulses racing!


Friday, 3 April 2009

Sky Lane photoshoot

A few snaps from the Sky Lane shoot for Models Uncovered on LA Muscle TV

Hardcore series with Gladiator Damar Martin- Chest training

Damar Martin, better known as Destroyer on the hit TV show Gladiators, shows you the best way to work out your chest in this amazing training session at Muscleworks Gym, London , UK.
Accompanied by his training partner Jason Arthur, Damar shares his best advice on how to perform the incline dumbbells press, incline dumbbell flies, dumbbell flat bench and decline barbell including Drop Sets.

This show will get your muscle's working just from watching!Muscleworks Gym is one of the most hardcore and renowned bodybuilding gyms in the UK and home to some of the nation's top bodybuilders and champions.

Check it out right here:

Sherry Goggin- Miss Fitness America photoshoot

Sherry Goggin, a Ms. Fitness America Champion from Tennessee, is more than your typical fitness model. She possess a look that conveys both athleticism and feminine beauty, with a B.S. Degree in Business Finance.

Sherry is an international Fitness Champion and is one of modelling's top fitness stars. She moved to California after college, and after seven months of hard training, placed 3rd at the California Coast Championships, and won the Serge Nubret Bodybuilding Championships. Sherry didn't care much for bodybuilding, as it didn't give her the chance to present herself as a woman in heels and show of her feminine side.

Sherry is a business entrepreneur, owned a Gold's Gym, Post Store, Alternative Motorsports, Health Food Store, and Dynasty Women's Fitness Center in Las Vegas. After winning the Ms. Fitness America, Sherry saw an opportunity of a lifetime, and used her title to her best ability, soon getting over 10 sponsors, including a spokesperson for Benchwarmer, Bodyonics, Power Bar, Yamaha, Otomix, Hot Skins, and Total Gyms, and those are just a few to mention.

Hollywood Extra is invited behind-the-scenes for an exclusive interview with Sherry Goggin and sneak peak at her latest photo shoot.Sherry shares with us how she made it to the top, as well as how she made the most of each opportunity. Watch this slick and sexy photo shoot and you'll soon see why Sherry Goggin is at the very top of her game.

For more information, visit http://www.sherrygoggin.com/

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mindi Smith's super hot bikini photoshoot- LA Muscle TV

You've seen her workout at the famous Gold's Gym in California, and talk about how she first got started in fitness and glamour modelling. Well now you're really going to see why she's in such big demand in the States, as Hollywood Extra goes behind the scene on a calendar shoot on the golden beaches of Santa Monica - just miles away from where Baywatch was once filmed.

See more of how Mindi Smith keeps her bikini-ready body in check, and talks further about her carer and future hopes.Another LA Muscle TV exclusive, where we bring you the biggest names in fitness from around the World!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Santa Pod Super Car & Bike Fast Show 2009, Part 1- LA Muscle TV

This adrenaline fueled show takes you to Santa Pod raceway for the Fast Show 2009. See the incredible cars including a jet powered dragster with a helicopter turbine engine, and some of the hottest modified imports you can find; There are new cars like Lamborghinis and old 50s cars.. There are even a few surprises too with classics such as the 60s ford mustang.
Tons of petrol-head action and stunts including some from leading stunt-man Terry Grant, who performs some incredible stunts, including circling around 2 terrified girls standing in the middle of the tarmac! There are also a whole host of beautiful ladies posing for the camera. This edition contains some "hot" pole dancing as well towards the end.So sit back and enjoy, you`ll be gagging for the next installment.

Oliver Stafford on The Andrianna Show- LA Muscle TV

An exclusive interview with super-hunk Oliver Stafford - established fitness model. A great fun show where Andrianna talks to the talented Oliver about his past and his career.

Oliver also tells us about the strict diet and training schedule he follows in order to keep fit and stay looking good!