Thursday, 24 December 2009

Training for Hard Nuts- Legs with Dean Ash

The mighty Dean Ash shows you how to train legs and get them big and add 10% to your overall size.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Andrea Orbeck's Hip Series

Top personal trainer Andrea Orbeck's Hip Series.

The all new Extreme X Adventures part 1.

Part 1 of the all new Extreme X Adventures.

Champion Combat 12

Some extracts from LA Muscle TV's Champion Combat 12 MMA and combat shows.

The Sword Trains Back

4 times body building champion "The Sword" shows you how to properly train your back for a nice v-shape and muscle definition.

Kettlebell: Steve Cotter and Stefano Chiriaco

Kettlebell expert Steve Cotter shows you some very advanced Kettlebell exercises for the ultimate fitness.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Expert's World- Top Fitness Gizmos

Have a look at some of the world's best fitness apparels; the top 10 easy to find equipment to get you super-fit in no time. Presented by fitness professional Charlotte Ord.

Full Body Workout with Chad Strickland

Certified top personal trainer Chad Strickland takes real life client Pete through an amazing full body workout. Join him for your ultimate body.

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Bench Press King- Mike Joseph

World record holder and Bench Press King Mike Joseph teaches you how to increase your bench Press.

Beginner's Masterclass: Part 2- Charlotte Ord and Stefano Chiriaco

Join Charlotte Ord for part 2 of Kettebells Beginner's Masterclass.

Secrets of Britain's Best Built Woman- Louise Rogers

Louise Rogers is beautiful, articulate, sexy and is Britain's Best Built woman. Find out about her training, dieting and deepest secrets right here on LA Muscle TV. Let's see if you can build a body like hers using her top tips...

Dodge Viper SRT-10

Exclusive footage of the Limited Edition Dodge Viper SRT-10. This show also features a huge number of other supercars...

Ballet Special: Dance with me

Special Ballet edition of Dance with Me with Darren James.

Bikini Body: Mindi Smith

The beautiful Mindi Smith shows you how to get that bikini body just like hers...

Mr & Miss Universe 2009: Bonus

Bonus 3rd part to the 2009 Mr & Miss Universe, sponsored by LA Muscle.

November 2009 LA Muscle TV Promo

A selection of LA Muscle TV Shows from November 2009.

Yoga with male model: Part 2

Part 2 of Yoga with Kyrin featuring gorgeous male model Ross Preston

Lazaro: Crazy Cuban Abs

Lazaro is one of London's best-known personal trainers, training at Hooks Gym, West London. This "Crazy Cuban" has flair, knowledge and a unique way of training people.
Check out Lazaro in this unique show, featuring some of his real life clients and some amazing training routines to get you fit, fast.

Weight Loss for Brides with Danni Levy

Top personal trainer Danni Levy is back with her instructional show on training and eating right for your wedding day. Weight Loss for Brides is an exclusive show to LA Muscle TV. Enjoy!

Mr & Miss Universe 2009

EXCLUSIVE coverage of the 2009 Mr & Miss Universe sponsored by LA Muscle. This is it! The biggest body building show of the year. Check out all the action right here...

Yoga for sports with male model

Male model and athlete Ross Preston joins Kyrin Hall for a special Yoga session aimed at athletes.

Chest Training with Sword- LA Muscle TV

The Sword is back with a great workout for your chest.

Body Conditioning Part 2

Part two of Adam Stansbury training his favourite client and going through a number of fitness routines to tone up any body of any age, shape or size.