Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Richard Fricker's BIG comeback

Last week saw Trowbridge factory worker make a spectacular and successful return to the lifting platform. Richard Fricker , who works for Gainsborough Ltd. in Trowbridge, was representing Great Britain at the World Power lifting Championships in Vienna, Austria. Vienna holds mixed emotions for Fricker as he has lifted there twice before. First visit ended with a trip to the hospital with a torn pectoral muscle. Second visit ended with a European title and a world record.This visit was a very last minute decision. Only 8 weeks out Fricker had been told his date for a knee operation on an injury, which had kept him out of lifting for 18 months. Fricker rejected this date and said he would have the operation after this year’s World Championships. Therefore, with only 8 weeks training Fricker set about some heavy training. Things did not go to plan as a serious chest infection made him lose another 3 weeks training. With Gainsborough giving the time to train by working flexible hours, Fricker was able to get some heavy work done. As well as the world power lifting championships, there were also the world bench press championships on offer. These were held at the same venue but earlier in the week. Fricker was entered into both. Thursday was his first day of lifting. After a slow start Fricker soon made up ground, and had a lift of 190 kilos to win the title given three white lights. An attempt at the world record came down to his chest and stayed there. No lift. Too heavy. Still, Fricker was once again World Bench Press Champion.On Saturday was the event he wanted to win. In front of a packed hall Fricker opened his squats with an easy 230 kilos, next was an easy 285 kilo lift. Then Fricker did something that surprised his opponents and the great Britain management. He made a huge jump to a world record weight of 330.5 kilos. With everybody else failing at under 300 this would give him a large lead. He took the weight out of the rack and squatted down and with everything he could muster slowly began to rise. The lift was very slow but the bar kept moving and the noise of the crowd was unbelievable. Fricker eventually re-racked the weight and waited for the judges decision. Three red lights and the crowd went mad. Next came bench press. This had been going well in training but again the same tactics of a world record attempt on his 3rd lift shocked everyone. 197.5 kilos was loaded onto the bar and was pressed with ease by Fricker, to claim his second World Record of the day and a huge lead in the competition.Third and final lift in a power lifting competition is the dead lift. Although Fricker holds the world record for this lift, he does not like it at all. A lift of 230 kilos and a careful eye on the score board meant that despite a slight groin strain, Fricker was once again World Power Lfting Champion. This was his tenth world title to go with his 9 European titles and 15 British titles.Fricker is now waiting to see the out come of his knee operation to see if he can continue to lift at this standard. With an eye on a 400 kilo squat and next years World Championships being held in Las Vegas, he would like to continue for another year at least. But 2010 sees the championships being held in bath. Surely reason enough to try and keep going.Fricker would like to thank his brilliant sponsors at LA Muscle. Also, helping this year was the Bizarre Bath comedy walk,which paid his hotel bill and Peter Hobbs at the Huntsman Pub in Bath who paid his flights and entry fees and also provided Fricker with huge amounts of chicken...

More of Lydia Bailey

Lydia's FIRST photoshoot was one of the most clicked on articles on lamuscle.com. Since then, she has put on more muscle and looks even hotter!
If you want to see even more of Lydia, check out this amazing super-hot video of her on LA Muscle TV - Beware, it does contain "hot" and "flashing" images:

Photos: Parham Donyai

Black Muscle

Godfrey Onyac is a champion body builder and up and coming actor. A former Wycombe Wonderers FC and Bristol Rovers youth member, this mountain of muscle has also excelled in boxing and athletics including shot-put and discus throwing. Having started weight training at the tender age of 16 to help his footballing career, the bodybuilding world has instead been graced with his presence - and what a presence he is!! At 6' 2" and 217lbs there is nothing but symmetry and size to this man who is considered one of the outstanding natural bodybuilders around. Placing runner up in the 2008 INBF New York against some of America's finest, Godfrey's taking the world by storm!
Check out these exclusive photos of Godfrey Onyac.

Photos: Parham Donyai (c)

The Judo Boy

At nine years old some boys dream about becoming a star studded footballer, a fireman or a doctor, others an astronaught or a scientist. But when you combine effort, dedication and Judo, there's only one outcome - John Donovan. This Commonwealth Bronze medalist has been a Great Britain International for the past 5 years and competing at top flight Judo for the last 15 years. A 3rd Dan black belt, you do not want to get in the way of this man's throwing ability. Combining both technique and power (since picking up his first set of plastic weights at 7) John has firmly established his reputation in the martial arts arena.
John has been taking the new LA Muscle Norateen Hollywood Body for the last month and well, check out the results for yourself! The man will not look out of place in a Men's Health Photoshoot!

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David White fitness Abs

David White is a fitness model in high demand. He is on the cover of November 2008 Men's Fitness Magazine. Check out his photoshoot for LA Muscle

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