Friday, 30 January 2009

Snowboarding with Zac Titus on LA Muscle TV

US Fitness Model, Zac Titus, films exclusively for LA Muscle.TV as we follow him up (and down), Snow Summit mountain in northern California, to shoot him snowboarding, and talking about his career within the fitness industry, and life as a devoted father and husband.

Zac has worked on campaigns for Reebok, Harley Davidson, Boeing, New Balance, and Volkswagen, to name but a few, as well as having a fitness cover under his belt as well as many articles and photo shoots across all the top magazines. Zac's interest in fitness first started when he began to lift weights in 7th grade in Ohio with his parents, who were both involved in many sporting activities. After performing well in many different sports, including soccer, wrestling and baseball, he moved to Colorado in 1999 to pursue the life of a snowboarder, but within a few months, tragedy struck as he ruptured a disc in his neck, which pinched a nerve in the right side of his body. After moving back to Ohio, Zac had surgery to replace the disc and fuse the vertebrae, spending months in a neck brace, unable to even lift 5 pounds.

One morning he looked in the mirror and his right pectoral and right tricep were gone from atrophy. This was the point in his life where he had a decision to make - to use this as an excuse, or as a chance to make something of his life. From that point on things began to turn around.
When the neck brace came off, Zac began slowly rebuilding his body, and for the next year he trained 6 days a week and 1- hour a day. Finally in April of 2001 he entered a bodybuilding contest and placed 5th out of 9th.

After graduating, Zac competed in another show, only this time it was for fitness models. He placed 2nd in a regional event and all of 2004 and 2005 were dedicated to winning his pro card. Late 2004, Zac and his wife Lana (also an accomplished fitness model), gave birth to their first daughter, Alexis. She was the new inspiration in his life and just another reason to train harder than ever.In April of 2005 he went to The Fame World Championships in Toronto, and placed 4th in the pro category. That was the beginning of an amazing year. As Zac started working with photographers and learning the industry, he continued to train hard, and in November of 2005 he placed 3rd at the Model America Championships in Hollywood, meeting many photographers and friends who have since helped his career in the fitness industry take off. 2005 and 2006 were spent shooting for covers and different magazines, including winning the Fame World Championships in June of 2006.

The exposure Zac has had within the industry has given him the opportunity to give people something that he has been blessed with - the knowledge of his parents and his mentors as well as his own training that has lead to his success thus far.
Get to know Zac as he snowboards down Snow Summit; 8,200 feet high at the peak, with a vertical drop of 1,200 feet, and be inspired by how he' came back from an injury which may have given most people the excuse to give up.

For more information about Zac, check out his website at:

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ab training with Andrianna on LA Muscle TV

The lovely and lean (obviously) Andrianna answers a lot of her fans requests by showing you just how she gets her fantastic physique.

In this part, she focuses on abs. So for all you ladies & gents out there, here's how you can get the best out your gym equipment and follow in the 'body footsteps' of Miss Christofi - yes guys, she's NOT married.

A MUST WATCH SHOW full of advice, live exercises and secret tips!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lazaro Almenares- Natural Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer on Andrianna Show, LA Muscle TV

A packed show with an exclusive interview with Lazaro, footage of him posing and great "real" tips in his abs & spinning classes on how to get your abs out.
Let it be said, this feisty Latino from Cuba is no cheap cigar. Lazaro is an personal fitness instructor at Golds Gym Park Royal and hadn't competed professionally until 2008 - hard to believe, we know. Lazaro is a natural bodybuilder and competes in the over 40's class. Last year he entered (with slight persuasion from LA Muscle's very own 'Sword' of course) the Mr. Titan (3rd), The BNBF Central (3rd), BNBF South (1st), NPA (1st), BNBF Final (5th in best body condition and best abs) and the NPA Finals (4th). He's no knucklehead either, Lazaro has a masters degree in sports, and has done some work with the Cuban minister for sport, encouraging young people in his own country to get involved and lead a healthy life - You go Laz.. Ayayaaaaay!!

Self defence with Natalie Bee- World Kickboxing Champion- Knife Attack

As knife crime increasingly becomes a problem facing people in almost every major city around the world, learn how to stay safe with LA Muscle.
In this show female fighter Natalie Bee shows you how to defend yourself should you ever get attacked by someone armed with a knife.

Red Carpet Obama Event- Music changing lives- Hollywood Extra

True to his name Rob "Hollywood" Riches is back on the red carpet again, along with co-host Lana Titus. An established fitness model and host on US TV., this time covering the historic inaugural event for President Barack Obama - the first black president sworn into the White House
Those who attended this red-carpet event for the 'music changing lives' foundation as well as being sponsored by Paris Hilton's shoe company, include Olympic gold medalists, Hollywood actors, fashion designers singers, and a wide variety of TV and reality stars.
Lana and Rob make a great team, both representing fitness and knowledge exclusively for LA Muscle.TV.
Lana quizzes many of the celebrities on their thoughts and views on the impact of President Obama bringing the prospect of change and hope to the country, whilst Rob unleashes his quirky humour and charm on to many of the stars, including Paris Hilton's new BFF.
Enjoy the mix of fun, fashion, music, and the odd bit of politics, at this red-carpet event on one of the most historic days ever in the United States.
For more information about Lana Titus, check out her website:

Monday, 26 January 2009

Angie Weston's Success Stories

How did a fat woman lose 5 stones and end up being one of the "hottest" fitness babes the UK has ever seen?
Find out Angie Weston's true story and her secret tips on how you can get an amazing body right here on LA Muscle TV.
Angie takes you through her workout routine and tells you all her diet secrets. Don't miss!
Gold's Gym Park Royal

Andrianna interviews sexy Lydia Bailey on LA Muscle TV

Fitness model Lydia Bailey joins Andrianna for a chat about her fitness regime, modelling, TV presenting, fire eating and so much more...

Choppers with Lauren Powers

Muscle Diva, Lauren Powers was last seen on LA Muscle.TV getting luxury spa treatments, ball room dancing, weight training, and of course, riding her Harley Davidson out on the open highways around Long Beach, California. Well this time, Lauren pays visit to her local bike shop - Huntington Beach Choppers, to talk about having a custom bike built to her specific designs. Check out some of the machines these guys build up from scratch, including their awesome drag bike - the Screaming Eagle, Harley Davidson's fastest production bike ever, which has been converted to run the quarter mile in little over 9 seconds! As well as sound-proof testing rooms, and staff covered in Polynesian 'tap-tap' tattoos, Lauren gets to test ride two very different choppers, and discover what makes her lost for words.
You won't see programing like this anywhere else except on LA Muscle.TV, which brings you all the best of health, fitness, sports and entertainment, from around the World!

Friday, 23 January 2009 interview Simon Cowdrey- LA Muscle Sponsored Athlete

Although Simon has only been competing in strongman events since January 2008, he's had a massive impact on the sport. Recently he had been interviewed by where he talks about his private life, his sport and drive :

EFBB 2005 Part 2 of the special edit is now LIVE

Special Edit of the 2005 EFBB British Body Building Finals, only on LA Muscle TV:

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Stunning Andrianna in the gym

Ladies and gents, here is a real treat for you. The stunning and super fit Andrianna (ex Miss Fitness) shows you how to stay in shape the "right" way.
Full gym routine with lots of clear instructions, filmed in Gold's Gym Park Royal, London. Part one: Upper body

Make-up artist Sunita Kumar shares her tricks on Lydia Bailey Show

Sunia Kumar is a very tallented and well known make-up artist, especially known in the bodybuilding shows. She has been known for turning competitors into real goddesses. She now joins Lydia Bailey on LA Muscle.TV

CRIBS- Agnes Nicole Winter

Ms. Winter was the Executive Producer and Host of the Agnes Winter Show from 1994 to 1998, where she also oversaw the production and the release of the cable TV show. Today, Agnes-Nicole is the President/CEO of Global Star Films Inc. in Beverly Hills, California. She wrote, produced and is co-starring with Kevin Farley and John Farley in the companys first feature film The Gold & The Beautiful, a comedy/adventure, directed by Jack Serino, and a theme song written by Carol Connors, two time Academy Award nominated singer and songwriter.

She shows us around her beautiful house in Beverly Hills. Take a closer look:

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Exclusive photos of top Olympic & Commonwealth Athlete Shani Anderson

Shani trains clients in an exclusive gym in Central London. If you want to be trained by a world class Olympic athlete, then check out:

Shani on Shani:
"I started competing when I was 10 years old (school teacher asked me to join an athletics club) and I ended up being a long jumper for the club. I then stumbled across the triple jump when I was 15 and competed for the GB junior team for the first time when I was 17. I then won the junior national title 3 years in a row and went on to represent the GB junior team and GB student team on numerous occasions at international level. Injury led me to switching from the triple jump to sprints (100m, 200m & 4x100m). I then progressed from international meets to championships and competed in 3 world championships (1999 indoor and outdoor and 2001 outdoor), 2002 European championships, the 2000 Olympic Games and the 2002 Commonwealth Games where I won a bronze medal for the 4x100m relay and was the England women's track team captain.

I now coach athletics from club to olympic level and started my own personal training company, Anderson Fitness Consultants. I have a personal training studio at The Armitage on Great Portland Street where I train my clients and I also run corporate health & wellbeing events and programmes. The studio allows my clients to train in very private, luxurious surroundings. I combine my knowledge as an international athlete with PT techniques. This allows me to give my clients training that is smart as well as hard! My clients can also access first rate nutritional advice from Laura Church."

Check out these amazing shots of athlete Shani Anderson.

Photos: Parham Donyai

Exclusive footage of the EFBB 2005 on LA Muscle TV

Part 1 of LA Muscle TV's footage and special edit of the 2005 EFBB Body Building Championships. Features James Llewellyn, Rob Feesey, Robster Le Monster and more... ONLY on LA Muscle TV

How to get free LA Muscle Supplements ???

Pat Jenkins interviews the LA Muscle Director about the new LA Rewards System

Q. What is the new LA Muscle Rewards System™ all about?

A. Hi Pat. The new LA Muscle Rewards System rewards you for your loyalty and for you recommending LA Muscle to others.

Q. How is it different from the old one?

A. The old system rewarded you by giving you LA Rewards points for ordering on-line at . The new system rewards you for ordering LA Muscle products AND for recommending LA Muscle products to others.

Q. What will you get from the Rewards?

A. Well, the rewards are in effect, free products. The more LA Rewards points you have, the more free products you will get. Look at the Rewards section, it's pretty much any LA Muscle product you want!

New LA Muscle Rewards

Q. Why don't you give cash out or cash equivalent.

A. The problem there is that we are an international company and our web sites are across many different countries and currencies. In the US, we have dollars, Spain Euros, UK pounds, New Zealand NZ Dollars and so on. Doing cash equivalents will be a nightmare for us and the consumer.
Also and more importantly, cash equivalents or cash rewards always end up being actually "less" in value than products. Look at some of the popular systems. They will give you a £400 holiday for points but if you wanted cash, you get £200!
The LA Rewards System gives you Rewards every time, all the time and the MAXIMUM bang for your buck, in terms of products.

Q. Sounds too good to be true!

A. It is amazing! In actual fact, if you are a popular person with lots of contacts, friends or you post regularly on forums and so on, you can do the following:
1. If you have an account already, log on and your code is there waiting for you in "My Account". Or if you don't have an account with LA Muscle, register an account on - You will then see your unique referral code in "My Account"
2. Give this code to as many people as possible. They get 10% (actually 12.5%!) off their first order and you get lots of points.
3. If enough people use your unique code, you don't even have to spend any money with LA Muscle for products! You just log in, see your earned points and order equivalent products on-line for free next day delivery!

Q. How is this different from other Rewards points?

A. The LA Rewards System is unmatched in this or any other industry. I will explain why:

1. Firstly, you can get pretty much ANY LA Muscle products by using your Rewards
2. It is all automated. No phone calls, no waiting. You log on, click to use your rewards points and your chosen products will be on their way within hours!
3. Most importantly, by using the LA Muscle Rewards System, you earn points EVERY TIME your recommended person orders - NOT just on their first order. Can you imagine the possibilities? You recommend someone that uses a lot of supplements and this means that you will get Rewards points every time they order for the rest of their life!
4. It gives at least 3 times more points than the only other similar system in this industry.
This is all for on-line orders by the way.

Q. Wow! So you may end up getting free supplements for life!

A. You laugh, but it is true. If a fair number of people start using your own unique code, then you will start seeing Rewards points mounting up in your account.
Make sure you get your code right now and give it out as much as possible to as many people as possible. If you post in forums, make sure people know your LA Rewards code. They benefit by getting a huge discount and you benefit by getting lots of points. Everyone wins!

Q. That's crazy!

A. It get's better. What makes the LA Rewards System so much better than anything else like it, is that you get "lots" of points even on returning customers recommended by you. Test it out for yourself. The system is very generous. In the UK, we are talking about 20 points for every £1 spent by your recommended person on their first order and 10 points thereafter. 10 points, not 1 or 2! FOR AS LONG AS THEY ORDER EVERY TIME THEY ORDER.

I can't emphasize what good value the whole system is. On an average £34.99 order, say for Fatstripper, you get 680 points. That's just your own Rewards points. Then if you give your unique code to others and they start using it, you will just keep getting points added automatically to your rewards account.

Q. All done on line?

A. Yes, that's the beauty of it. You will not be bothered and none of your time will be taken up. You will just have to go into your account on, grab your own unique code which is sitting there for you right now and then start giving that out to anyone who has not experienced the benefits of LA Muscle supplements.
They get 12.5% off their first order and you get LA Rewards instantly. The more they order in terms of amount and frequency, the more you earn.

Q. I better sign up then!

A. It's easy Pat! Takes just a few seconds to get your own unique code:

Thank you very much for your time.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Can your mind be making you fat?

Ways to get a better body by controlling your mind

If you are looking to lose fat or build muscle, this article will teach you a few secrets of the mind on how to get better results, quicker with minimum effort.

Pay attention

Your thoughts and your language can be influencing your body in a big way. Thoughts are those which are kept inside your head. Language is the way you express them to yourself (inner language) and to others (outer).
Are you saying to yourself and others that you are fat? Or that you are too skinny? Pay attention. Do you have a small amount of fat, yet you tell yourself and others that you are “fat”? Some women are quite good at this. They look great, yet they insist on saying they are fat.
Well, believe this: if you say it enough, you will eventually get there! The mind has a funny way of picking up on internal and external language and “facilitating” things!
Pay attention and catch yourself saying negative things, both in your head and to others.
SubstitutionYou may ask, OK, what do I do once I have caught myself? Change your language.

Try a few of the following:

Instead of saying “I am fat”, say: “I am on my way to losing more body fat”.Instead of saying “I am too skinny”, say: “ I am building more and more muscle every day.”
You can even go a step further. Look at your body and see what you have that IS good or better than average. You may have some body fat but at the same time you may have great shoulders or great arms or great legs.Focus on those.
Instead of saying “I am fat”, say something like “I am losing more fat every day and I have great arms which I am going to build up even more.” Doesn't that already sound so much better?
Your mind will govern your body. Many body building greats built their bodies using the power of the mind and internal and external language. Yes, they may have seen imperfections but that did not mean them blowing these out of proportion in their minds.
If you constantly say to yourself and others that you are fat, you are going to believe that you “are” fat and soon enough you will be fat or carry more body fat. On the other hand, you have the choice to do the total opposite.
Say to yourself that you are on your way to a great body. The body fat is disappearing and day by the day you are looking better and better.
“Catch” yourself saying negative things and “substitute” with positive words and soon this more positive language will become second nature. Your mind will believe that you have a great body with little fat and lots of muscle tissue – if that's your wish. Why will the mind believe this? Because this is ALL it keeps hearing every day!
A simple experiment to show you results. The next time you are about to bench or curl some weight, stop for a second. Imagine in your mind that you are Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman (or the most muscular person you have seen). Really picture them in your head and imagine you have their arms. Imagine your arms as powerful as theirs. Now start your first rep with this momentum from your mind. You will see a tremendous increase in strength and willpower.
The mind is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage. Start from today and make sure you eliminate all negative language and sentences, both internally and externally. You will reap the rewards in less than 4 weeks.

Drop Pounds for Pennies

How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

Back to the office and the holidays seems to be nothing but a distant memory. If you’re feeling slightly down, don’t worry, you’re not alone! January has been scientifically proven to be the most depressing month of the year.
Studies by psychologists at Cardiff University show that a combination of wintery weather, having to return to work, over spending during Christmas, and for most of us failure to stick to our new year’s resolutions leaves us in pretty bad shape. Dr Arnall who actually made these findings suggested that saving for something that you really want is an excellent way to keep you motivated. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet you could be smiling for the rest of the year!
Personal trainer Ben Lauder Dykes has teamed up with LA Muscle to come up with the perfect fitness plan that will help you to beat those winter blues, drop those extra pounds and keep you bursting with energy throughout January without breaking the bank.

(For more information on personal training, health and nutrition you can contact Ben Lauder Dykes directly at


7am- Breakfast
Most people make the mistake off skipping breakfast. It is by far the most important meal of the day as it kick- starts your metabolism and gives your body essential nutrients it needs after not having food for 8-12 hours.Example foods: Porridge oats, Blueberries, semi-skimmed milk, Cinnamon, Cup of Green teaThe porridge oats give you complex carbohydrates, which give you a slow release of energy for up to 3 hours. The blueberries are high in anti oxidants and vitamin c to help reduce stress. The semi skimmed milk gives you some protein and natural fats. Cinnamon not only helps to add flavour it also helps cells to absorb glucose better keeping energy levels consistent throughout the day. Green tea is full of anti oxidants and studies have shown that green tea extract can help increase calories burnt from fat by 18%!!

11am -Mid-morning Snack
Natural Yoghurt and Handful of mixed nutsCup of green TeaThe natural yoghurt provides protein, carbohydrates and probiotics while the mixed nuts are high in omega 6 fats which increase energy levels.

1.30pm -Lunch
Tuna salad, wholemeal pita, apple The tuna gives you some lean protein while the wholemeal pita again provides those complex carbohydrates to give you a steady release of energy. The salad will help to provide your body with those much needed vitamins and minerals.

4pm-Mid afternoon Snack
Protein smoothie (1 scoop LA Whey 2.2KG Protein Vanilla mixed with water with strawberrys and/or Kiwi fruit)Cup of Green TeaMixing the protein with water will make it easier for your body to digest the protein and also help to reduce calories the fruits are high in anti oxidants, vitamin c and flavonoids. This tasty smoothie is very easy to prepare.

7.30pm -Dinner
Roasted chicken, rice and steamed Broccoli.The rice provides a light form of carbohydrates that will not sit heavy on your stomach all night. The chicken provides lean protein and the broccoli contains anti oxidants and is high in vitamin c. Eating small regular meals is the key to boosting energy levels throughout the day and also turning your body into a calorie burning machine from morning to night.This nutrition plan contains a mixture of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and natural fats and anti oxidants to give your body everything it needs to boost energy levels. Supplements are designed to help enhance and improve certain aspects of your dietary nutrition. As mentioned above LA Whey Protein provides a massive 24g of lean protein per scoop. Ideal for adding extra protein to your daily nutrition plan, very convenient and easy to mix.
Also by LA Muscle is Shaper 90 Tablets. It contains Calcium Pyruvate, studies have shown this can help to increase fat loss by 48%! It causes an increase in ‘cell respiration’ forcing your body to burn more calories throughout the day.Another great product for accelerating fat loss is Body Beautiful by Femme Slender. It contains the amino acid L-Carnitine, which is responsible for taking stored fat and moving it into the muscle cells so it can be used as energy.

Why splash out on expensive gym memberships when you can get into shape without even leaving your desk…
Chair twistThis yoga-derived exercise mobilises and relaxes the spine as well as stimulating the digestive system and easing bloating. Sit sideways on your chair, with the chair back on your right. Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are in line with your hips. Grasp the sides of the chair back, one hand at each end, and gently rotate your torso towards it, pushing the right hand away and pulling the left hand in towards you. Look over your right shoulder and hold the posture for 20-30 seconds, breathing freely. Repeat facing the other way.

Cushion squeeze- This strengthens the innermost thigh muscle, the vastus medialis, which is often a factor in knee problems. It's also good for firming the bottom. Place a cushion between your knees, keeping feet flat on the floor and hips square. Squeeze the cushion while clenching your buttocks, so you feel the inner thighs and bottom muscles contracting. Hold for five seconds and slowly relax, without letting the cushion fall. Repeat six times.

Hands and arms- Two exercises important for those who spend all day at a computer. Place an elastic band around the middle of all four fingers and the top of your thumb. Now draw away your thumb, working against the resistance of the elastic band. Hold for a count of three and repeat this five times on each hand. The wrist and forearm stretch is great for people who use a keyboard regularly. Hold your right arm straight out in front of you with your palm facing up. Use your left hand to pull your fingers back and down to the floor. Feel the stretch on the underside of your forearm and wrist. Now turn the arm palm down, and draw the fingers back towards the forearm, keeping them straight. Swap sides.

Spine stretch- Ideally, you need a chair with a low back to do this exercise or a chair with a back of some description, or you'll end up on the floor. With your arms crossed over your chest and feet on the floor, lean against the chair back and allow your back to curl over, lifting elbows up to the ceiling and allowing your head to follow your neck. Hold for a moment, then return to your start position.

Core strengthener- Sit upright on your chair, with weight evenly spread on both feet. Without letting your pelvis tilt or your back slump, lift your right foot off the floor, bringing the thigh towards the torso and keeping tummy muscles engaged. Pause, then lower and repeat with the left leg. Alternate for two sets of eight repetitions.

Neck mobiliser- If you use the phone frequently and don't have a headset, your neck flexibility is likely to be poorer on one side than on the other. This exercise helps to stretch out the muscles on the sides of the neck. Try to work to the less flexible side more often. Take your left ear over to your left shoulder to stretch the muscles on the right side of your neck. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the right, aiming for two to three repetitions each side. Then, with chin tucked in, slowly turn your head to the right and left, five times to each side.Even if you don't use the phone you can still try these exercises.

Get up- Research by the British Chiropractic Association found that 32% of people spend 10 hours or more sitting down each day - and 50% don't even leave their desks at lunchtime. Take regular breaks and never sit in the same position for more than 40 minutes. Get up and stretch.

5 Tips

If you feel silly doing our desk exercises, here are 5 easy things that you can do that will improve your energy levels during the day and noticeably get you into better shape.

Park Far Away -Walking back and forth to the office before and after work, is great exercise that takes hardly any time at all.
Use the Stairs - Obvious but also very effectiveFind Excuses to Get Up and Walk - You could go talk with a colleague about an upcoming project, rather than sending an email. You could make copies yourself. And when lunch comes, don't forget to use the stairs.
Use the Company Gym - If your company has its own gym facility....USE IT! Exercise while you work on a project if your job allows it. If you don't need to be at your desk, why not get exercise while working? You could also arrive 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late and spend that time exercising. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends every body gets 30 minutes of exercise for the day.
Take a lunch time stroll -You are on lunch, you are entitled to a break so take it!! After eating lunch if you still have a bit of time to spare go for a walk around the block or to the shop (to buy water, mixed nuts or fruit).
Find Excuses to Get Up and Walk - You could go talk with a colleague about an upcoming project, rather than sending an email. You could make copies yourself. And when lunch comes, don't forget to use the stairs.

The Science behind the new "Your Protein"

LA Muscle's best value and newest protein and why it is unmatched

LA Muscle® Your Protein™Scientific References for the newest and best value quality protein in the UK
A blend of whey/soy as a sports recovery mix has been shown to restore tissue to its pre-exercise state, reducing muscle glycogen breakdown and acting to stop or prevent the catabolic effects of strenuous exercise (Bordi et al, 2007). That blend is under a US patent so after an extensive review of the scientific evidence, LA Muscle scientists designed a unique formulation of whey and soy protein isolate specifically for LA Muscle® now available and marketed as "Your Protein"™. LA Muscle® scientists recognize the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) as one of the most accepted and widely used method for the measurement of protein value in human nutrition (Schaafsma, 2000) since it was first introduced by the Food & Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization (FAO/WHO). PDCAAS is also adopted by the FDA. This recognition is alongside the traditional Biological Value (BV) of protein, also accepted by LA Muscle as a way of measuring protein values. This table below provides a measure of the quantity of various proteins using the PDCAAS rating scale.
Protein type- PDCAAS
Beef - 0.92
Black Beans- 0.75
Egg- 1.00
Milk- 1.00
Peanuts- 0.52
Soy protein- 1.00
Wheat gluten- 0.25
Whey protein- 1.00

Adapted from Hoffman and Falvo (2004)Both soy protein and whey protein score maximally on the accepted PDCAAS scale for protein measurement. Accordingly, both proteins are a great source of amino acids, and the "Your Protein" formulation combines the two. Here is the reason. Supplementation with each of whey protein and soy protein during resistance training has been shown to increase lean tissue mass and strength compared to placebo and resistance training with statistically significant results. Bordi PL, Salvaterra G, Palchak T, Cole C (2007) Soy/Whey recovery composition. US Patent Application Pubication Number US2007/0190223 A1.2. Candow DG, Burke NC, Smith-Palmer T, Burke DG (2006) Effect of whey and soy protein supplementation combined with resistance training in young adults. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 16: 233-2443. DiSilvestro RA (2001) Antioxidant actions of soya. Food Industry Journal, 4: 210-2204. DiSilvestro RA, Mattern C, Wood N, Devor ST (2006) Soy protein intake by active young adult men raises plasma antioxidant capacity without altering plasma testosterone. Nutrition Research 26: 92-955. Elia D, Stadler K, Horvath V, Jakus J (2006) Effect of soy- and whey protein-isolate supplemented diet on redox parameters. European Journal of Nutrition 45: 259-266. 6. Hill S, Box W, DiSilvestro RA (2004) Moderate intensity resistance exercise, plus or minus soy intake: effects on serum lipid peroxides in young male adults. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 14: 125-1327. Hoffman JR and Falvo MJ (2004) Protein - which is best? Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 3, 118-130.8. Kalman D, Feldman S, Martinez M, Krieger DR, Tallon MJ (2007) Effect of protein source and resistance training on body composition and sex hormones. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 4: 49. Schaafsma G (2000) The protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score. Journal of Nutrition 130, 1865S-1867S.