Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shredded Diesel II- The Active Channel

Personal Trainer to the Stars Zee Shredded Diesel is back with amazing nutritional advice.

Dance with me with Darren James- The Active Channel

Check out another fun dance routine with Darren James on The Active Channel.

Cage Fighter 3 part 2

Watch some amazing footage as this MMA fighter prepares for the fight of his life.

Advanced Kettlebells with Charlotte Ord

The Active Channel Formely LA Muscle TV brings you this exclusive advanced Kettlebell training show with non other than Personal Fitness trainer Charlotte Ord.

Model Abs- part 2 with Simon Howard and model Jamie Barnard

Simon Howard speaks with Fitness Model Jamie Barnard on how he got those model Model Abs.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cage Fighter 3- The Active Channel

Check out more action from the ring in Cage Fighter 3

New Slinky Ad- The Active Channel

Ad for best selling weight loss pills Slinky

Six Pack in 4 weeks with Tim Sharp- Pase 1 part 2

Tim Sharp takes you through another workout fo amazing abs.

Natalie Minh- Life through a lens- Previously Unseen Footage

Previously unseen footage of the stunning Natalie Minh's Life Through a Lens.

Part 4 of Nutrition Bible with aura Church

Laura Church nutritionist & fitness consultant explains how to shop for healthy meals without breaking the bank & discusses portion control.

Champion Combat 16- The Active Channel

Champion Combat 16

Extreme Adventures 8- The Active Channel

Extreme Adventures 8 on The Active Channel

Combat 32 Promo

Check out this Combat 32 Promo

The Active Channel April 2010 Promo

LA Muscle TV is now The Active Channel: Bigger, better, faster, more...

Nutrition Bible with Laura Church- part 3

Laura Church nutritionist & fitness consultant explains why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Part 2 of Everyday Fitness with Ben L. Dykes

Even more useful advise on easy ways to staying healthy and in top shape.

Komie Invasion 2 Promo

Check out this Komie Invasion Promo

Model Abs with Simon Howard and Richard Onyeji- part 1

Fitness model Richard Onyeji joins Simon Howard in this exclusive training session-interview show.

Hayden Critchfield demonstrates more self defence techniques

Second part of the show where MMA fighter Hayden Critchfield demonstrates self defence techniques at an intermediate level.

Extreme Adventures 5- The Active Channel

More crazy, adrenaline fuelled sports...

Everyday Fitness with Ben L. Dykes- part 1

Ben L. Dykes shares tips and secrets on how to improve your fitness on a daily basis.

Cage Fighter 2- The Active Channel

Check out part 2 of the Cage Fighter Special

Hard-core training with Gladiator Damar Martin- Shoulders

Damar Martin AKA Gladiator Destroyer shows you how to train your shoulders, HARD-CORE!

Laura Church's Nutrition Bible- part 2

How to refuel, Repair & rehydrate your body...