Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Black Muscle

Godfrey Onyac is a champion body builder and up and coming actor. A former Wycombe Wonderers FC and Bristol Rovers youth member, this mountain of muscle has also excelled in boxing and athletics including shot-put and discus throwing. Having started weight training at the tender age of 16 to help his footballing career, the bodybuilding world has instead been graced with his presence - and what a presence he is!! At 6' 2" and 217lbs there is nothing but symmetry and size to this man who is considered one of the outstanding natural bodybuilders around. Placing runner up in the 2008 INBF New York against some of America's finest, Godfrey's taking the world by storm!
Check out these exclusive photos of Godfrey Onyac.

Photos: Parham Donyai (c)

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