Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mission Possible 2: Jennifer Nicole Lee photoshoot- LA Muscle TV

Fitness guru, Jennifer Nicole Lee is back again in part 2 of this multi-million dollar, Miami photo shoot, this time being photographed in her bikini in a 2 million dollar private helicopter by noted fashion and glamour photographer, Mike Brochu, before moving outside to take some shots on BMW's answer to the world of sports bike, wearing quite possibly the sexiest outfit you've ever seen her in.

Hollywood Extra has taken you to some new heights recently, but none quite as high as on this exclusive shoot, as we take to the sky via helicopter to capture JNL's shoot from a birds eye view, before switching it up again as you'll swear you'll be seeing double as Jennifer finally meets her toughest competition yet - herself!

Discover what gave JNL the idea for one of the most expensive fitness shoots ever, and why at home, she's still every little bit a wife and mother as much as being one of the top fitness models.

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