Monday, 8 June 2009

NPA bodybuilding Yorkshire Qualifiers, Part2- LA Muscle TV

This year the NPA Yorkshire Championships took place at Yorkshire’s most legendary venue the Frontier on Sunday 31st May 2009. This was the 19th year that the competition ran and with over 50 bodybuilders, the competition was as fierce as ever in each of the categories.

LA Muscle TV has coverage of all the NPA categories including the Over 40’s Championship, Novice Class, Yorkshire Trained Figure, Heavyweights Championship and the Overall Championships. Also watch out for the interviews where each competitor talk about how hard they have trained, the strict diets they have been following and give their expert tips on how to build muscles.

Winner of the NPA Novice Class, James Kennedy tells us of his excitement at winning his category the first time competing in the NPA Championships and Caroline Oliver Winner of NPA Yorkshire Trained figure speaks about how much fun she has had taking part.

Don’t miss the part when NPA Heavyweight and Overall Champion David Ireogbu takes the opportunity to not only win what had to be a couple of the toughest categories but he also proposes to his girlfriend on stage…Find out what she says!

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