Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ben L. Dykes Sessions- ABS training- LA Muscle TV

How's this for a workout? Quite simply the best way to define that stomach of yours and get everyone jealous of your amazing 6 pack. Once your done with this video, you'll be downloading it straight onto your iPod and showing your friends at the gym just how it's done!

Ever wondered what it would be like to go on holiday and be safe in the knowledge that your body out-shines ALL of the lifeguards on the beach? Ever thought how to iron a shirt when you don't have a board? Or sweep the bar full of girls? Well, here's how. Ben L. Dykes, personal trainer at Gold's Gym Guildford and fitness model presents his first show in the 'Sessions' series. We take a look into how you can get the perfect set of abs and prepare yourself for those amazing holiday snaps by the pool!!

You can email Ben at bfittraining@live.co.uk for more info and personal training advice.

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