Friday, 15 May 2009

The Circle Valley Super & Classic Car Show on The Hollywood Extra with Rob Riches

Hollywood Extra is back at the largest car meet in California to talk with the owners of some of the fastest, rarest, and most expensive cars on the planet, and no sooner than when we arrive we come across a car

with not only more racing history than any other car we've featured, but is also the first production car that even nearly half a century later, is still one that can hold it's own against many of today's super cars.

The car is the much loved AC Cobra, perhaps best known by today's generation as the car in the movie "Bad Boys".
Discover all that you didn't know about one of the first true muscle cars, and find out how this car evolved from a British icon!

Not many cars could match the might of the Cobra, except for the rebirth of the great Ford GT40, that we were lucky enough to speak to the owner of the 200mph+ supercar, to find out about some of the joys
about driving such a car.

We'll also show you some 'out-on-road' film of both of these cars, displaying their true super car power. Something you won't see in many other car shows!

Stay tuned for more American Muscle and Super Car power, only on the channel that brings you everything from fit to fast.

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