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10 new tips for effective fat loss- LA Muscle

The thing with fat loss is that it can be very slow. This doesn't mean that you won't get there. It just means that for some of you, results may not come hard and fast. You need to be patient and keep at it. Persistence will pay off. It takes months and years to add fat to your body. Sometimes it can be so slow that you won't even feel it until one day you are looking in the mirror or sitting down and you see a big bulge!

Cardio, eating right and taking fat burners will all help. Below are 10 effective tips on ensuring your get continuous results that will motivate you to keep at it.

1. Don't eat heavy or large meals 5 hours before sleep

Try not to eat any major meals around 5 hours before sleep. If you get hungry, have some vegetables or an egg or low fat cheese. Drink water. This is one of the most result-producing ways of seeing fat loss. On the flip, eating late and before sleeping is one of the guaranteed ways of getting and keeping fat!

2. Cut out sugars and cut out sweeteners

Cutting out sugars will go a very long way in helping you lose fat. Some people replace sugar with sweeteners. Whilst this does make a difference and they lose more fat, they find that as surprising as it sounds, they don't keep losing fat. Somehow the sweetened taste of sweeteners seem to tell the body to hold on to fat. The best advice is to dump the sugar and dump the sweeteners too. You will soon get used to things without them and you will see more fat loss.

3. Pay attention to saturated fats on packaging

Don't "assume". Many people assume certain foods are low or no fat. Make sure you read and check packaging. Get yourself used to reading all packaging on foods you put into your body. Make sure you check out the serving you are having as opposed to fat per 100g. Make sure you are looking out for saturated fats. Ideally, you don't want to put in more than 20g of saturated fat in your body per day (less if you can).

4. Don't eat if you're not hungry

Sounds obvious, right? You would be surprised at just how many people don't listen to this advice. Yes, it is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should eat something. However, if you are genuinely not hungry in the morning, it is no point filling yourself up just for the sake of someone else's advice!If you are not hungry at lunch or dinner, don't eat! Don't starve yourself obviously but don't eat just for the sake of eating either.

5. Have a day's break - Fast or juice

Every week, pick a day to eat a lot less. Don't fast totally but just take it easy. Drink juices, have fruit and water. Give your stomach a rest. Don't fill it up too much either. Have a little juice spaced throughout the day.

6. Keep your stomach small

This is really important. Pay particular attention to the size of your stomach. The bigger you get it, the more food it will want to fill it up! Make sure you eat smaller meals, more often. Don't sit down and have a big meal with lots of water and then more liquid in the form of tea-cofee-shakes. Have your meal, have a little water and have other things in an hour or so. Don't cram everything in your stomach in one sitting. You want to get it smaller.

7. Move around

Every little helps as they say. If you sit at your desk, get up every 20 minutes and walk around. Make sure you start moving around. Don't be too lazy to go up and down the stairs to get things. If you partner asks you to bring something from upstairs, don't moan! See it as an opportunity to burn fat! Use the stairs not lifts. Walk to work if you can. Walk to the shops even for silly things that you can get later. Move. It will help fat loss and you will see quicker results.

8. Every hour, you will look different

Sounds weird but it's true. Depending on many many things, you will look different every hour. Sleep, what you have eaten, stress, water intake, salt intake, carb intake, flying, walking, sitting, exercise, sweating and so many other things will influence the way you look at any given hour. So if you look in the mirror and you look fat, remember it can have a lot to do with the pasta you ate 2 hours ago. Don't get disillusioned. You actually don't look as fat as you think and you won't look as fat in a few hours. Also remember that most people do put a little weight on in the winter. It usually comes off in the summer, so don't stress. Just keep at it.

9. Reduce salt - Drink water

Water retention can be a real problem for many people. Holding water can make you look fat! In fact many fat people are actually not that fat at all, they are just holding water!Make sure you don't cut out water. Drink plenty, reduce your salt intake as in table salt and salt in foods - read packaging and go for low sodium foods and drinks.

10. Posture

Question = What's the difference between a well built person and a geek? Answer = Posture
Question = What's the difference between a fat and a slim person?Answer = Posture.

For 50% of people, paying attention to their posture means the difference between looking good and looking bad. Standing up and sitting up straight, holding your stomach in can all help how you are perceived by your own mind and by others. Make sure you always pay attention to your posture. You can start by taking photos or videotaping yourself as you sit or walk around an see where you are going wrong.

Remember, keep at it and you WILL get there. Fat loss is not rocket science, just persistence.If you want to see faster results and give yourself a nice treat, then go for the best-selling Fat Stripper.

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