Friday, 6 March 2009

Natalie Bee interview before the BIG FIGHT on March 8th!!!

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Just a few days until the big fight at The Opera House in Bournemouth on March 8th 2009 and I’m feeling excited with little nerves. My world title’s on the line but I feel good and have been BANG on weight for the last two weeks; 60kg and feeling fit, strong and quick. It’s been 10 weeks of hard, hard training. I’ve had my ups and downs, the good days and the bad, as well as the weeks when you just want to sleep!

I’ve been using Explosive Creatine by LA Muscle 6 weeks prior the fight which I find really helps but it takes about a week to kick in. After that though, I feel amazing! My recovery is so much quicker and endurance over the later rounds just gets better and better.My coach is really pleased with my training and I’m so pleased with the way things have gelled together. I’ve only been with the club 5 months but loving the training and feel 100 times more technical and sharper.

LA Muscle has helped me attain my full potential and grow as a fighter and I can’t ask for much more. The weather hasn’t been great but come rain or shine (and in some cases snow) I’ve been going round after round on the body-shield, the pads, running up steep hills and working my socks off to become the best.

When you’re headlining a show, everyone asks “Are you nervous yet?”

Yes, of course I get nervous but its more the anxiousness and excitement about fighting, I love it! My belt’s at risk here and I’ve worked too long and too hard to let it slip away. Getting there is tough enough, it’s the ‘staying there’ that counts. If I can help it, I will never allow myself to lose and will never ever give up. I’m so passionate about my sport, I live and breathe kickboxing and my motivation is to win and be the best and I won’t stop until that happens.In the week ahead, I'll be training, working on my speed and keeping myself sharp.

My last sparring session was Saturday 21st so I’m without injuries and living on a natural high at the moment. Tuesday 3rd is a big day for training before showdown, and a chance for me to get the most out of a session before the big night. My mental state of mind is important and as long as I’m visualising the win and focusing on the job at hand, I will become a warrior inside and out.

You can follow my training exclusively on as well as the fight on Sunday 8th March which will be filmed for the channel.

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