Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Reduce Stress, Build Muscle, Lose Fat

By: Jeremey Napier

Have you tried a lot of things and yet you “still” can’t grow your muscles? Are you fed up and frustrated that you just can’t look big enough to get noticed?You will shortly learn a secret which can unlock your full muscle growth potential and give you the body you deserve…

Reduce your stress hormone
Funny name, huh? “Stress hormone”. Well it may sound funny, but there actually is a thing called the Stress Hormone, otherwise know as Cortisol.
Cortisol is produced by your adrenals and its levels rise when you are under stress. This can be any kind of stress from physical, to emotional/psychological.

Body building’s worst enemy

Cortisol is a nasty little hormone for muscle building. It goes around and breaks your muscles down so they can be used for fuel! (inconsiderate thing!) It also interferes with protein synthesis. As if that’s not bad enough, it also commands your body to store more fat!
Picture this: you are training right, eating well and resting. Then you get stressed. What happens? Cortisol goes in and says “screw your regime man, I am going to look out for myself”.

It then goes and breaks your hard-earned muscle tissue down. It also interferes with your brand-spanking new protein powder and super-anabolic products like the Norateens. It says: “NO WAY. There ain’t gonna’ be any protein synthesis here today!”
Horrible little hormone, huh? Little wonder then that you could be doing everything right, but not gaining an ounce of muscle and in fact even “losing” muscle tissue!
How can you stop Cortisol from screwing up your body building?
Simple, take out your adrenals!...OK, only kidding. Here are some PROVEN ways to reduce the release of Cortisol to ensure maximum muscle growth:
Make sure you get enough sleep. At least 8 hours a night and possibly more. Naps during the day also help.
Reduce your stress in any way possible. Meditate, do Yoga, go for walks, listen to relaxing music.
Exercise but don’t over do it. Nice and easy and steady does it.
Don’t get wound up. All too often people believe they “have” to confront others or “get it out of their system” or go beserk! You don’t need to. All this sort of behaviour does is make you more stressed and angry. Calm down. Don’t get excited. Relax.
Manage your time better. Don’t worry about the past or the future. Live in the present.
Eat well. Make sure you get lots of B vitamins in your diet. They are excellent stress reducers.
Don’t overindulge in sugar. Reduce sugar intake and keep it steady.
If you can, reduce and/or cut out caffeine drinks.
Take products like Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedies) if you find yourself getting wound up all the time.

Lastly, here’s a secret arsenal in your body building regime: Anger Management. This amazing supplement by LA Muscle has been designed specifically to reduce stress, anxiety and most importantly, Cortisol.

Anger Management is recommended to anyone wanting to build muscle or lose fat as it has a scientific formulation which stops Cortisol dead in its tracks. Imagine that! It’s like a bug spray for the nasty little Cortisol. Take it for a month regularly and just notice the difference in your body. You will 100% be more muscular and leaner. In fact many top body building coaches are now recommending Anger Management to their clients emphasising that it is as important as their protein.
When you really understand how destructive and counterproductive Cortisol can be, you will see why it’s imperative to stop its interference with your muscles. If you are really stuck in your gains, give the above a good go. You will see a radical change in your muscle mass and body fat levels.

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